Fones Cliff Development, a Threat to Bald Eagles

November 12 Vote

The Board of Supervisors of Richmond County, Virginia, east of Fredericksburg, is considering a development of 1,000 acres known as Fones Cliffs, an important site for migrating birds and an especially important site for bald eagles.  William and Mary College ornithologist Bryan Watts described Fones Cliff as being a “crown jewel of the Chesapeake.”  He has said that hundreds of eagles that visit the spot during their migrations each year, that there are a dozen or so nesting pairs in that region and that there is one nest on the site.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation urges people to sign an online petition at opposing this development proposal.

The Board postponed their October vote to November 12, 9 a.m.  If you know anyone who lives in that county, it would be very helpful, and probably have more impact, to urge them to weigh in with the Board of Supervisors. More info:  Ann Jurczyk, Virginia Outreach and Advocacy Manager, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 804-780-1392