Redirect Cankerworm Funds to Forest Health

ASNV is urging the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to redirect funds the county has been using to spray and kill the native fall cankerworm in the spring to improving the county’s forest health and expanding the tree canopy.

ASNV is part of an 11-member coalition that has been working to stop this program and met with new Mount Vernon Supervisor Dan Storck on February 26.  He plans to raise some questions at the Board’s March 1 meeting.

Among other points, ASNV is arguing that the county has been killing a native insect, the caterpillar of which is a staple in many birds’ diets and is needed to raise their young in the spring.  The county’s broadcast spraying also kills all “non-target” caterpillars that are out during the spraying.  The coalition commended the county’s urban forestry staff for recommending no spraying this year.

Further background on the Cankerworm can be found here.