Virginia Will Move Ahead on the Clean Power Plan

The U.S. Supreme Court on February 9, on a five to four vote, has “thrown a wrinkle” into the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, designed to address climate change.  Media reports describe the court’s action as “putting it on hold.”  Twenty-seven states and others asked the court to block the president’s plan. Virginia was not one of the 27 states.  The legal challenge continues.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe issued this statement on February 10:  “Over the last several months, my administration has been working with a diverse group of Virginia stakeholders that includes members of the environmental, business and energy communities to develop a strong, viable path forward to comply with the Clean Power Plan. As this court case moves forward, we will stay on course and continue to develop the elements for a Virginia plan to reduce carbon emissions and stimulate our clean energy economy.”

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