General Assembly, One More Day this Year

The Virginia General Assembly ended its 2016 session on March 12 and will reconvene on April 20 to consider Governor Terry McAuliffe’s vetoes and amendments.  At this time, we have limited information on the bills that will be considered on April 20.

Fortunately, Governor McAuliffe vetoed a bill to prohibit Virginia from preparing and submitting to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants without prior approval from the state legislature.   You can read more here.  The National Audubon Society has identified stemming climate change as a priority issue.

Auduboners could urge their state legislators to sustain Governor McAuliffe’s veto.

To learn the outcome of other bills, visit the Virginia Public Access Project here

In this session, legislators introduced 3,286 bills; the House of Delegates passed 1,794; the Senate passed 1,649; legislators continued 242 to the next session.  As of March 30, Governor McAuliffe had signed 571 into law and vetoed 19.