Fairfax County’s Environmental Vision

Fairfax County is updating its “environmental vision” and seeks public input until March 6.  The following is from Kambiz Agazi, Environmental Coordinator:

“Continuing the process that began this past summer, we have produced a draft update to the Board of Supervisors’Environmental Vision. We want public input on this draft, and we plan to incorporate this feedback into a final draft that will be presented to the Board for adoption later this year. While the vision is not an action plan, it is important because it helps to guide the county’s environmental sustainability initiatives and programs.

“ How you can provide feedback

·       Take our online survey: This survey will be open on Monday, February 6 through Monday, March 6.

“Our draft update was developed based on public outreach we solicited in the summer. We held three public meetings, as well as conducted an online survey. We received almost 300 written comments and survey responses, and this feedback is published in full online. Similarly, we will publicly share the results from the current survey when completed.

“For more information, visit the project web page, or contact the county’s Environmental Coordinator at 703-324-1788, TTY 711.

Here's the link to the survey