Selling the Parkway?

In the Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal, they propose selling the George Washington Memorial Parkway to the private sector, according to their February 12, 2018, Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America.

It is not clear if their proposal includes the entire GW Memorial Parkway park, places like the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Great Falls, Turkey Run, Arlington Cemetery, U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, the Women in Military Service for American Memorial, Jones Point Lighthouse and all the other lands and memorials of the parkway.  Congress authorized the construction of the parkway as a memorial to the nation's first president.

This “ribbon of green” in Northern Virginia is habitat for many wildlife species, helps stem stormwater runoff and provides many environmental services, in addition to being a significant local road.

Here is 8th District Congressman Don Beyer's comment: “It is particularly outrageous that Trump suggested selling off key local infrastructure, including both of Northern Virginia’s airports, the GW Parkway, and the DC Aqueduct. The President didn’t consult any state or local leaders about any of this, but if he had we would have told him that our community ardently opposes anything of the kind. Trump isn’t trying to fix our infrastructure, he’s trying to sell it off.”