Just Say "NO" to Bike Paths in Huntley Meadows Park!

The Fairfax County Planning Commission is considering whether to remove two proposed bike trails through Huntley Meadows Park in southeast Fairfax County from the County’s Comprehensive Plan and Bicycle Master Plan.  While supporting green forms of transportation is usually an excellent use of public resources, the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia is joining the Friends of Huntley Meadows Park to ask that you support the removal of the trails from the Master Plan.

The trail construction would disrupt an ecologically and historically sensitive area. Huntley Meadows Park hosts more than 200 bird species and is on the National Register of Historic Places, as it protects land originally owned by founding father George Mason. Unique to Northern Virginia, the park also hosts more than 300 species of wildflowers. The bike trails would endanger animals and plants in a unique wetland area, undercut a 3 million dollar wetlands restoration that was completed in 2014 and increase flooding risk for local communities.

An in-depth report of the proposal and its potential risks has been written by Friends of Huntley Meadows Park President Cathy Ledec and is available for you to read here.

To help ensure that the bike paths are removed from the Master Plan, please contact your elected officials before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting on January 22th. You can sign a petition supporting removal of the paths from the Master Plan.

You also can send send emails to the following addresses voicing your concerns:

Zachary Krohmal
Supervisor McKay
Caleb Lester
Friends of Huntley Meadows Park

Here’s a sample email that you could use:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to support Plan Amendment 2018-IV-BK1 and Plan Amendment 2018-IV-TR1 to the Comprehensive Plan, which would amend the plan to remove two proposed trails that would cut through Huntley Meadows Park. Huntley Meadows Park is an environmentally and historically sensitive area. The bike trails would increase flooding risk, which would harm local communities and undercut the Huntley Meadows Wetland Restoration that was completed in 2014 and would harm wildlife and plants in environmentally sensitive wetlands. The area is already served by Jeff Todd Way, a dedicated bicyclist and pedestrian path, and other alternative routes as noted on the Bicycle Master Plan. Please support the plan amendments to protect Huntley Meadows Park.


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