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ASNV Officer and Board of Director Candidates for Consideration at June 10, 2018 Annual Meeting

Elections for Officers and Board of Directors will be held at our Annual Meeting on Sunday June 10, 2018.  Following are our candidates. 


Tom Blackburn, President
Greg Butcher, Vice-President
Joanne Bauer, Secretary

Board of Directors

Gerry Abbott.  Gerry became an ASNV member in 2007 but relocated to Shanghai in 2012. He now lives in an Audubon Certified Wildlife Sanctuary in McLean. As a amateur nature photographer, he soon discovered that viewing birds and their habitat can be a very interesting and rewarding activity. He participates in Christmas Bird Counts, Winter Waterfowl surveys and Cornell Feeder Watch as well as many of the ASNV and Audubon Naturalist Society activities. Although Gerry traveled extensively and lived 20 years overseas, he is now retired and looks forward to working on new challenges and opportunities with ASNV.

Roger Di Silvestro.  Roger has had a life-long interest in wildlife and participated in his first Christmas Bird Count when he was 16 years old. He is not an expert birder, but he does have master’s degrees in zoology and journalism. He has worked as an editor and writer for the National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, and the National Audubon Society, where he also served as a producer for TV documentaries. He worked as senior communications director for the National Park Conservation Association and, most recently, as a major-donor proposal writer for the National Park Foundation. He is the author of 10 books, most of them about conservation, and has edited five others. Some people would say he has “retired,” but he dislikes the word and prefers to say that he is freelancing. Because he is. The National Wildlife Federation website,, offers access to magazine articles and blogs that he wrote while working at the federation.

Connie Ericson.  Connie has been an Audubon member for many years, an Arlington County resident since 2001 and an enthusiastic but sporadic birdwatcher since 1990. In 2018 she retired from an 18-year career as an environmental lawyer, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions and real estate financing. Before becoming a lawyer she worked for more than 15 years with environmental and safety regulations in the oil and gas industry. In the last several years she has worked with her neighborhood civic association, the Arlington County Civic Federation and several ad hoc community groups to respond to environmental concerns raised by development in Arlington County. She began birdwatching in Houston, TX and has enjoyed guided birdwatching trips to Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, western and northern Canada and several western states. Retirement is allowing her more time to chase birds closer to home in Virginia.

Doug Everhart.  Doug grew up in Minnesota and distinctly remembers the thrill of seeing his first bald eagle in 1970, when they were endangered. He was entering sixth grade at the time, and now teaches Science to sixth graders in Loudoun County (VA) Public Schools. He recently won a grant to build nesting boxes on the school campus, giving hundreds of students hands-on experience with bird boxes, which they now avidly track via a bluebird-cam. Other ongoing grants are funding restoration of native plants on campus. Doug also mentors teachers in their lesson plans about the Chesapeake Bay watershed. He has a master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Western Illinois University.

Dixie Sommers.  (Re-election, second term)

Later Event: June 10