Birdathon 2019

April 19 - May 19

Spring is on its way, and so is Birdathon!  It’s time to organize your teams and sign up for our annual spring migration birding fundraiser.  This fundraiser will help support the following programs:

  • support a teacher at Hog Island

  • support citizen science and habitat conservation in the Lower Potomac River Important Bird Area

  • support our efforts to promote native plants to help the birds.

The concept is simple: Participants can bird in teams of two to five. Team members then make their own donations or secure pledges from other sources.  Then, during any 24-hour period between April 19 and May 19, teams search Northern Virginia to see how many bird species they can identify. 


We will be awarding prizes to members of the team that raises the most money and to the team that identifies the most species. 


The two principal rules are Have Fun and Raise Funds. For the rest, click here.

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