Catherine Blowers

Cathy began a lifelong love for birds while trying to identify gulls on a California beach with her first Peterson field guide. She continued birding over the years here in the U.S. and in Egypt, South Africa, and Mozambique, where she was posted as a diplomat. Going on countless African safaris, she learned to love and respect all wildlife and developed an awareness of the issues and concerns affecting every facet of the natural world.

Since moving back to northern Virginia in 2008 after a lifetime of moving, she began exploring ways she could contribute to the efforts being made by Audubon and other partner organizations in creating safe places for native wildlife. Paired with her love of gardening, the Audubon Home Program is a natural fit.

Cathy is a member of the National Audubon Society, the Virginia Native Plant Society, the Cornell Lab, National Wildlife Federation, and the National Gardening Association. She earned certification as both a Fairfax County Master Naturalist and Gardener, participates in naturalist and birding walks and talks, and takes courses through Audubon and the Cornell Lab. She is keen to deepen her knowledge of the challenges facing our communities so she can be an effective and knowledgeable advocate for the Audubon at Home Program.