Jean Tatalias

Jean Tatalias has vacation bird sightings going back a couple of decades, but began to bird regularly in Northern Virginia about ten years ago.  She was hooked from her first birding festival in 2007 and has since taken a dozen birding vacations across North America.  In 2013-2015, Jean led one of the teams of ASNV volunteers who surveyed the bird populations of Wolf Trap National Park to create the park’s first bird list.

While both an Audubon member and a long-time lover of gardens and gardening, Jean brought the two together in recent years by using Audubon resources to select native plants to enrich her yard in Vienna. She’s worked to increase the resources for insects and birds in her yard, but confesses their attraction to deer can sometimes be frustrating. 

Jean worked for thirty-three years in information management for The MITRE Corporation in McLean, Virginia.  She and her husband Kosmo, now both retired, have been in the area since 1977 and enjoy many of the cultural attractions of Washington.