Reflections on Hog Island Audubon Camp

Spending six days on Hog Island, Maine was one of the most meaningful, educational experiences I have ever had. From the moment we stepped off the boat from the mainland, we were immersed in a rich environment of natural wonder, forming new relationships, and inspired by the passion and knowledge of the camp staff and our fellow educators who arrived from all over the country.

Landscape Professionals Gather for Plant NOVA Natives Conference

Landscape Professionals Gather for Plant NOVA Natives Conference

On August 7, over 100 people attended Plant NOVA Natives’ (PNN) first native plants conference for professionals, including representatives from 39 professional landscaping companies. PNN (outreach partner of Audubon at Home) and AAH collaborated to obtain “seed money” for the conference from Transurban’s Express Lanes Community Grant Program.

Calvert County Trip

Calvert County Trip

On the weekend of August 17 – 18, sixteen ASNV members headed east to Calvert County Maryland for a fun summer weekend. Only an hour and a half from Northern Virginia, our first stop was the Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, where we were greeted with the call of a Piliated Woodpecker, as we walked under the canopy of majestic cypress. A gently flowing stream under a boardwalk revealed fresh deer and raccoon tracks while blooming cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) provided bright red color to the serene setting.

Conservation Grant Winner!

ASNV is pleased to announce that Centreville Elementary School has won this year’s ASNV Conservation Grant. The school plans to revitalize a walking trail and natural vernal pond.  The vernal pond suffers from run-off, consequently, salamanders which used to spawn there have disappeared. Students plan to add native plants to improve stream filtration while also attracting native bird and amphibian species.  

Speaker and Tabling Requests

Audubon Society of Northern Virginia provides speakers, staffs tables at events and/or provides materials for organizations interested in our mission and programs. Please use this link to make your request and submit it at least two weeks before your event.

We will follow up with you within 3 business days to schedule stating whether or not we can meet your request and to discuss details to ensure a successful event.

Plant NOVA Natives Conference on August 7, 2019

Given how much of the planting in Northern Virginia is done by landscaping professionals, Plant NOVA Natives, which is Audubon at Home’s outreach partner, is sponsoring a conference to educate landscape professionals on the value of native plants. If you know any landscape designers, architects, or other landscape professionals who might be interested, please point them to this invitation.

Recovery of the Peregrine Falcon – A Conservation Success Story

In July, 2015, two Peregrine Falcon chicks were found on Market Street in Reston Town Center (RTC). They were taken to the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia and safely released into the wild.  No one realized Peregrine Falcons nested in Reston but the chicks prompted a discovery that two adult peregrines were nesting in RTC. The pair has continued to nest there for five years. 

Why You Should Add “Pelagic Trip” to Your Vocabulary

Most birdwatchers start out feeding birds in their backyard or at the duck pond. During spring migration, we all get excited by warblers and orioles and tanagers. But there’s a whole other world out there – the ocean! And ASNV has found the perfect ocean interpreter – Chris Haney. Chris has been a professional marine biologist for decades and also an avid birdwatcher basically all his life.