Audubon Afternoon Sunday, March 24: "What Birds Eat"

Please join us on Sunday, March 24 for an Audubon Afternoon at the National Wildlife Center, 11100 Wildlife Center Drive in Reston.  Ashley Kennedy, a doctoral candidate at the University of Delaware, is an entomologist who has used her own research and photos provided by citizen scientists from around the country to determine what types of insects various types of birds eat.

March Bird of the Month: Gynandromorphic Birds

This past February, a very unusual Northern Cardinal was spotted in Erie, Pennsylvania. Its right side is brilliantly red, while its left side is a modest brown, with both sides perfectly split down the middle. The reason for the color split is remarkable; the left side is biologically female, while the right side is biologically male. Genetically, the two halves are as closely related as brother and sister.

Audubon Afternoon: A Sojourn with Owls

Audubon Afternoon: A Sojourn with Owls

More than seventy owl enthusiasts assembled at the National Wildlife Federation building in Reston on September’s last Sunday to take a close look at owls. The ASNV Audubon Afternoon program “A Year in the Life of an Owl”  allowed participants to see and photograph four owl species up close—Great Horned, Barred, Barn, and Screech, all trained to perch on the gloved hands of staff instructors from Secret Garden Birds and Bees, a group that helps rehabilitate injured owls and other birds.