ASNV is Going to Cuba

Still Room Left

We still have 3 slots available on ASNV’s Cuba birding trip, December 6-15, 2017.  Visit Havana, the Zapata Peninsula, the north coast at Caya Coco, and places in between.  You’ll encounter many of Cuba’s 25 endemic birds, wintering migrants, and many more. You’ll also see Hemingway’s home near Havana and plenty of 1950’s cars! 

Old Cars and Beautiful Birds – Cuba!

Old Car in Cuba - Dixie Sommers

Old Car in Cuba - Dixie Sommers

When one thinks of Cuba, 1950’s era cars come to mind. Yes, those cars are among the sights you will see when you join ASNV’s visit to Cuba.  These cars are not just keepsakes! They are how many Cubans get around day to day and some are now taxis.

You’ll see those 1950’s Chevrolets or Chryslers on your way to see Cuba’s amazing birds.


On the north coast at Cayo Coco, for example, you will find Oriente Warbler, Cuban Black Hawk, Mangrove Cuckoo, and more!

Our trip is through Holbrook Travel. Details and how to sign up can be found here.

Wondering about the President’s change in U.S. policy toward Cuba?  Holbrook reviews the details here.

All photos by Dixie Sommers