ASNV is Going to Cuba

About Cuba’s Birds --- did you know…

Cuban Trogon - Dixie Sommers

Cuban Trogon - Dixie Sommers

That Cuba has 25 endemic bird species?  They range in size from the tiny Bee Hummingbird – the world’s smallest bird – to the Cuban Black Hawk. In between are colorful species such as the Cuban Tody and the Cuban Green Woodpecker.

You can see these special birds on ASNV’s trip to Cuba, December 6-15, 2017. We will visit Havana, Che’s Cave near San Diego de Los Banos, the Zapata Peninsula on the south coast where the Zapata Sparrow and Zapata Wren sing, as well as the north coast at Caya Coco where endemic Oriente Warbler and Cuban Vireo can be found.

Our trip is through Holbrook Travel, with details here.  Base price is $3,865 per person, excluding airfare.