Can You Help Us?

ASNV needs volunteers to help spread its message about enjoying and protecting our birds and natural resources. We particularly need help in the following areas:

  • Writing:  Would you like to provide content for the website and newsletter that can help shape and spread the ASNV message on behalf of birds

  • Advocacy:  ASNV serves communities throughout Northern Virginia. Would you like to help monitor your state and local government, tell us about issues of concern, and help us recommend conservation measures in your community? We need assistance from volunteers to keep us informed about all the jurisdictions where we have members. 

If you would like to join other volunteers who help ASNV with writing, advocacy or any other activity that supports ASNV’s mission, please drop us a note at  And if you would like to work on advocacy issues, tell us which jurisdiction you would like to focus on.  You’ll be glad you did!