Year of the Bird: Cut Out the Plastics

 Trash Pile - ©Whitney Pipkin/Bay Journal

Trash Pile - ©Whitney Pipkin/Bay Journal

Plastics are an increasing threat to our environment.  Birds are jeopardized too: an estimated 1 million sea birds die each year from ingesting plastic.  In our throw-away culture, millions of plastic bottles and bags are simply tossed away yearly, without any thought to their environmental impacts.  Long-time ASNV member, Betsy Martin, has been organizing trash cleanups along Little Hunting Creek for 16 years.  You can read an article about the problem and Betsy’s attempts to address it here.  And the National Audubon Society had this to say about plastics in a recent news article:

This month’s theme for our Year of the Bird partnership with National Geographic, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and BirdLife International is “Cut Out the Plastics.” The call to action is say no to plastic bags, straws, and water bottles, and commit to recycling your household plastics. Find sample social media copy, links to images, and published editorial content on this theme here on Audubon Works. Remember to use the hashtags #YearOfTheBird and #BirdYourWorld. Also here are eight tips on how people can reduce plastic waste and protect birds.

 If we each do what we can to reduce the use of plastic and to clean up plastic waste before it degrades our world, we can make a real difference in the quality of our lives and in the protection of our wildlife!  Take a bag with you when you bird, hike, or paddle our rivers; fill it with trash.  You’ll be doing the world a good deed.   


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