Congratulations to Kirk Treakle, the 2019-2020 Hog Island Scholarship Winner!

Kirk Treacle is our newest recipient of our Hog Island Educator’s Week Scholarship. The scholarship sponsors a week of classes on National Audubon’s Hog Island in Maine, where educators take classes and swap methods for sharing their love of nature with their students.

Kirk is Head Librarian at Rachel Carson Middle School in Fairfax County, where he has worked diligently for over two decades to the benefit of his school. He is sponsor of the Going Green Club, a student environmental group that has installed solar panels, implemented recycling and composting programs, planted native trees and pollinator gardens, and designed a rain garden to minimize stormwater runoff with the county Soil and Water Conservation District. His efforts were instrumental in helping his school earn the National Wildlife Federation Green Flag Eco School Distinction in June 2017.

As a former science teacher, Kirk tends to approach environmental problems from an analytical framework, looking at both the effectiveness of a project and how much the project allows his students to take ownership and feel passionate about their ability to make difference. As Principal Gordon Stokes writes, “his work truly embodies the life and spirit of Rachel Carson herself,” the famous biologist turned environmental advocate, in that it demonstrates a lifelong commitment to environmental conservation, education, and appreciation. At Hog Island, Kirk hopes to learn methods to inspire his less technical students to connect with nature through language and the arts.

ASNV is proud to honor Kirk with the Hog Island Scholarship, and we look forward to hearing from him after his trip!