Conservation Grant Winner!

ASNV is pleased to announce that Centreville Elementary School has won this year’s ASNV Conservation Grant. The school plans to revitalize a walking trail and natural vernal pond.  The vernal pond suffers from run-off; consequently, salamanders which used to spawn there have disappeared. Students plan to add native plants to improve stream filtration while also attracting native bird and amphibian species.  

The work will be accomplished by the student-led Green Team. Once the restoration is completed, students will identify and count native amphibians in their vernal pond area to determine how many have returned.

ASNV Conservation Grant applications were accepted for projects that protect or improve habitat for birds, butterflies, other wildlife and/or native plants in the chapter’s territory.  Individuals, non-profit organizations and public schools were eligible to apply. 

Watch our website for the 2020 Conservation Grants.