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Landscape Professionals Gather for Plant NOVA Natives Conference

Landscape Professionals Gather for Plant NOVA Natives Conference

On August 7, over 100 people attended Plant NOVA Natives’ (PNN) first native plants conference for professionals, including representatives from 39 professional landscaping companies. PNN (outreach partner of Audubon at Home) and AAH collaborated to obtain “seed money” for the conference from Transurban’s Express Lanes Community Grant Program.

Plant NOVA Natives Conference on August 7, 2019

Given how much of the planting in Northern Virginia is done by landscaping professionals, Plant NOVA Natives, which is Audubon at Home’s outreach partner, is sponsoring a conference to educate landscape professionals on the value of native plants. If you know any landscape designers, architects, or other landscape professionals who might be interested, please point them to this invitation.

2019 Native Plant Sales

Hello spring and summer gardening! As you buy, remember that native plants supply critical nutrition for birds and other wildlife. A list of local native plant sales can be found here. And please, no invasives! Besides from being nutritionally deficient themselves, invasive plants smother native plants, creating environmental food deserts. A list of invasive plant species to avoid can be found here.

AAH Ambassador Brunch

Over a third of the 99 Audubon at Home Ambassadors gathered on February 17 for the third annual Ambassador Brunch at National Wildlife Federation headquarters, where ASNV also has its office. Sporting color-coded tags identifying their county, AAH Ambassadors from Arlington/City of Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties mingled to share experiences and a delicious potluck meal.

Audubon-at-Home Ambassadors Training Session

November 3, 2017 (time and location TBA)

Audubon-at-Home Ambassadors visit properties at the request of homeowners to provide advice on planting natives, removing invasives, and other wildlife habitat improvements. In the training session, you will learn about the program, the role of Ambassador, and resources that will help you research and advise clients on native plants and other habitat improvements.

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