Board of Directors




Office/Board Term

President Carl Kikuchi Contact 2018/2018 Bio
Vice-president Greg Butcher Contact 2018/2018 Bio
Treasurer Dixie Sommers
Contact 2019/2019 Bio
Secretary Joanne Bauer Contact 2018/2019 Bio
Director  Andrea Auerbach Contact 2020 Bio
Audubon at Home
Catherine Blowers Contact 2020 Bio
Director  Tom Blackburn Contact 2019 Bio
Director  Bill Burton Contact 2019 Bio
Director  Robin Duska Contact 2020 Bio
Youth Education
Stacey Evers Contact 2019 Bio
Director  Diana Handy Contact 2018 Bio
Director  Traci McGillicuddy Contact 2020 Bio
Director  Casey Pittrizzi Contact 2018 Bio

Coordinators and Staff

Program Manager Laura McDonald Contact   Bio
Program Administrator Louise Edsall Contact   Bio
Advocacy Chair Glenda Booth
Adult Education Larry Meade
Contact   Bio
Field Trips Jean Tatalias
Contact   Bio
Newsletter Editor Marilyn Gaizband Contact   Bio
Webmaster Sam Schaen Contact   Bio
Winter Waterfowl Compiler Larry Cartwright Contact   Bio