Local Bird Stores

The many bird stores in our area, including the ones below, can also give you information and advice on feeders and nest boxes.

Field Guides - Dixie Sommers

Field Guides - Dixie Sommers

Field Guides and Apps

Local Birding Hotspots

In-depth PDF fact sheets on hot birding spots here in Northern Virginia can be found here.

Birding Away From Home

Planning a birding vacation this summer in hopes of seeing species that never show themselves in the mid-Atlantic region? Or just hoping to find one day to bird during a trip to visit relatives in some distant state?

One approach you can take is to check whether there is an Audubon chapter at your destination. The National Audubon website has a list of U.S. Audubon chapters that can be searched by state here.

Another approach is to use the, Birding Pal site. It is largely a list of people who have expressed willingness to take visitors on field trips to look for birds. Most of these people will work on a volunteer basis; some are local professionals who charge a fee.  Entries are arranged by location, so you can easily find a contact in South Dakota or North Waziristan.