Tom Blackburn

For many years Tom Blackburn kept a diary of his vacation trips and jotted down the interesting birds he had seen.  He became a more serious birder a few years ago when he read Life List, a biography of Phoebe Snetsinger, and realized he knew more about birds in Madagascar than the ones in his back yard.  He and his wife have participated in the Seneca Christmas Bird count for 4 years, and took over a sector two years ago.  Tom is a Fairfax Master Naturalist and a member of the Board of the Friends of Mason Neck State Park.  He volunteers at Mason Neck State Park, Riverbend Park and Huntley Meadows Park.  He guides kayak trips at Mason Neck and Riverbend and helps teach kayaking classes at Riverbend.  His yard is an Audubon Society-certified Wildlife Sanctuary.  He is in the process of winding down a long career as an energy lawyer.