Fairfax County Parks Budget, Staffing Unbalanced

For many years, ASNV has advocated that Fairfax County give a higher priority to creating and restoring natural resource parks like Huntley Meadows in its budgeting and staffing.  On June 2, Kirk W. Kincannon, Director, Fairfax County Park Authority, provided us with these statistics for fiscal year 2016.  These numbers demonstrate what a challenge this is.  You might share these with candidates for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and ask them to appoint Park Authority Board members who will bring better balance to our local parks policy.

Those of you in other jurisdictions could ask your parks department to provide similar statistics.

BUDGET - FY16 FCPA Actual Budget

Out of the total FCPA general fund expenditures of $23.4 million, $4.7 million or 20% is spent on natural and cultural resources.  [Note: This includes natural and cultural resources, like historic sites.]

Out of the revenue fund total for FCPA of $44.9 million, natural and cultural resources receive $2.3 million or 5.1%. These numbers are for both natural and cultural resources.

STAFF - FY16 FCPA Actual Budget

There are 4 full-time and 2 part-time natural resources staff out of FCPA’s total 600 positions. In addition, natural resource management is conducted at our nature center sites where we have staff who have created natural resource action plans and 2 sites that actually have natural resource managers (Huntley Meadows and EC Lawrence Park). 

OVERALL - FY16 Actual Budget

The budget for the Park Authority's Resource Management Division is less than 1% (.0033) of the entire Fairfax County budget.

In addition to the recurring budgets, we also have non-recurring funds for both natural and cultural resources which include bond funds, revenue from telecommunication leases, county environmental improvement funds, proffer funding, grants and donations.