Audubon in Action -- Belvoir, U.S. 1 and Fairfax’s Environmental Vision

Auduboners have weighed in on saving and restoring habitat in the southeastern part of Fairfax County. 

Fort Belvoir is proposing to clearcut 30 acres of forest and destroy 5,000 trees for a housing project.  We have argued that they should redo the sprawl design, put the housing on already disturbed land on the post and save the forest in a county where very little is left.  This project could impact the southeastern part of Huntley Meadows Park, a rare coastal depression swamp and numerous other natural resources.

We have also weighed in on plans to redevelop the U.S. 1 corridor and have argued that planners should conduct an environmental assessment to understand what natural resources are there and how they would be impacted by future development.

ASNVers also provided views to Fairfax County officials on their revision of the county’s Environmental Vision.  A draft document will be out next year for comment.