Calvert County Trip

Calvert County Trip

On the weekend of August 17 – 18, sixteen ASNV members headed east to Calvert County Maryland for a fun summer weekend. Only an hour and a half from Northern Virginia, our first stop was the Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, where we were greeted with the call of a Piliated Woodpecker, as we walked under the canopy of majestic cypress. A gently flowing stream under a boardwalk revealed fresh deer and raccoon tracks while blooming cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) provided bright red color to the serene setting.

Recovery of the Peregrine Falcon – A Conservation Success Story

In July, 2015, two Peregrine Falcon chicks were found on Market Street in Reston Town Center (RTC). They were taken to the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia and safely released into the wild.  No one realized Peregrine Falcons nested in Reston but the chicks prompted a discovery that two adult peregrines were nesting in RTC. The pair has continued to nest there for five years. 

Help Save the U.S. Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration is seeking to change the Endangered Species Act in ways that will diminish 45 years of protections for jeopardized species and remove habitat protections that keep roads, pipelines, oil wells, and other development out of diminishing wildlife habitat.  The administration says it is streamlining the law, but in fact it is threatening to turn the nation into a corporate-driven endangered-species factory.

Bald Eagles Down in the Dumps?

Even if you have not visited the Prince William County landfill, you may have heard that it is a magnet for Bald Eagles, among other birds, including clouds of gulls. You can stand at a random spot and count more than 20 adult eagles at a time. Bit of a shame, really, that we have pulled Bald Eagles back from the brink of extinction, thanks largely to federal protective laws, only to have then turn into connoisseurs of rubbish.